To tell the tale…

Scott McLane is a New York City Artist that works with brands around the globe, producing stunning fashion and beauty images for his clientele. His photography skills have been polished throughout the years, due to some inspirational mentors, Rich Russo (Advertising Photographer), Francois Zegre (Fashion Photographer), Beckett Swede (Entertainment Producer) and the famous Steve McCurry (National Geographic Photographer). These mentors have all influenced and inspired Scott to become a technical, but visionary Artist. He has worked with Influencers, designers, and startups to improve their online presence .

Scott and his team produces shoots from top to bottom, wether it’s hiring top models, finding photoshoot locations or hiring hair styles and makeup artist. And when it comes to the final image, A bit of creative retouching is what sets Scott apart from the rest.

Scott McLane is a master in the art of photography. With 25 years in the industry and working with amazing talents, he has become quite the master.

Early on

Scott in his earlier days worked photographing the New York City nightlife at some of the most prestigious clubs in Manhattan and Queens. Capturing the allure of the city’s party goers. He went on to photographing celebrities at hosted events throughout Manhattan, capturing the likes of Lady Gaga,, Missy Elliot, Rania Al-Abdullah (Queen of Jordan), Thandie Newton, Jimmy Fallon, Hillary Duff, Jennifer Hudson, Vanessa Hudgens, Rapper Busta Rhymes and Many others.

Scott’s side hustle was working as a beauty retoucher for the magazine industry and has developed many key editing techniques, which you can see in the work he put forth today.


After 25 years in the photography industry, Scott is producing photoshoots for fashion designers, Influencers and small to medium size online design Boutiques.